A Community of Aspiring & Experienced Ruby Developers in Belfast

Belfast Ruby burger

A community of aspiring & experienced Ruby developers in Belfast

Calling all Rubyists, come & learn about Adhearsion!

  • Tuesday 2nd September, 6.30pm
  • Rumble Labs, 46 Hill Street - Get Directions
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For our upcoming get-together we'll be getting to know the open-sourced, voice application framework, Adhearsion, as our guest speaker takes on the brave task of a live coding demo. It'll be the ‘Hello world!’ of telecoms using micro services!

Adhearsion is an full-featured framework for the development of applications which interact with or control voice communications. It facilitates the creation of complex applications with ease, providing a simple API.

Engineer Sam Gaw from Voxbit will be demonstrating how you can integrate an Adhearsion app with Rails & DRb. This month is very kindly sponsored by FourStarPizza and Shopkeep, so come along and get involved in the interactive demo while enjoying the free beer and pizza.