A Community of Aspiring & Experienced Ruby Developers in Belfast

Belfast Ruby burger

A community of aspiring & experienced Ruby developers in Belfast


  • Tuesday 28th March, 6.30pm
  • Puppet Labs, 4th Floor, 40 Linenhall Street, Belfast, BT2 8BA - Get Directions
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In 2017 we want to reboot Belfast Ruby and have regular bi-monthly meetups again. This will take a group effort so please come along if you are interested.

We have lined up a meetup (venue to be decided) on Tuesday the 28th of March 2017. We have three great talks lined up.

Pete Hawkins

Pete of Dawson & Andrews will give a talk on rails 5 + webpack and how to enrich your project with a suite of rich client side features.

David Schmitt

David of Puppet Labs will give an introductory talk on RSpec the behaviour driven development framework.

Stephen McCullough

Stephen of ShopKeep will build a bot for Slack. The time allotted is 30mins. The aim for this talk is:

• test driven

• have a bot talking in the belfastruby slack room

• pushed onto github so attendees can offer PRs in the form of bugfixes or enhancements later

Hope to see you there, Stephen